Monday, 14 July 2014

New blog

I have moved blogs as I don't think the blog name is me anymore, It was a name I just picked randomly, I loved doing this blog and will continue to blog and I really would love your support and if you could follow my new blog lovelies :D 
Posts won't be any different I just needed a new name to portray me 
Thanks everyone for your support.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream Review

superdrug body cream
superdrug body cream
Hey Beauties!
Today I am showing you my vitamin E all over body cream I got in a Superdrug haul that I got a few weeks back! I have used this and now here I am with the results :D

So what is it ? 
A intense body moisturizer enriched with vitamin E, Which is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin and helps prevent early ageing and damaging environment affects to the skin.

You can purchase it in your local superdrug or online here! for the bargain price of £2.99 for a huge 475ml

My Thoughts
I used this body cream everyday after having a shower in the morning. I personally think the formulation of this cream is absolutely divine its thick and smells refreshing and most of all easy to blend and is a none greasy cream!! My skin has become a lot softer after using this. I have used this for a month now but the results were quite quick and the visual effects were seen too as well as the smoothness of my skin. I have used this myself and so has my partner for over a month now and it still looks barely used and for the price that it truly amazing, a bargain!

The price
Cruelty Free
Vegan & Vegetarian
The scent
Easy to blend
Long lasting moisture 
You don't need loads 


Would I Recommend it? 
Definatley! If your after an everyday moisturizer and don't want to spend to much but you want results this is worth a try. I also have sensitive skin and  this did not irritate my skin too

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favorites

Hey Everyone !! i can't believe June is almost over that i even nearly forgot to do this post again haha ! i love this months favorites but trust me it was not easy picking as i got so many beautiful things to have chosen from this month but i managed eventually to narrow it down so here is my top 5 picks that have been my absolute favorites this month.

First things first is my complexion savior Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation , i know so many bloggers have said amazing things about this but i have loved this for a couple of years now , its worth the £9.99 price tag as it does so many wonders with my skin , I have rosacea and quite bad dark under eyes and this foundation just makes my skin an even skin tone which is a miracle for me as i have tried so many foundations and this one is the . The choices of shades is really good too as i am a quite light skin tone and i got light vanilla and it matched my skin tone really well and it blends very easily on the skin with my technique brushes . The scent of the foundation is a fruity melon scent and is not to over the top.

Next up is the Models Own Hyper Gel it would be a bit mad of me if i did not include a nail polish on my blog as i am a nail polish hoarder , but wow models own have made something brilliant when making the Hyper gel . This nail polish is super duper amazing as you only need  one coat for an opaque finish and this is all with ease as its brush is just great for easy application so if i can get it right anyone can and for £5 you know you got a brilliant deal as down at the salon getting gel nails it would cost a fortune.

Next on the list is Vitamin E Night Cream from Superdrug , i have a nightly routine of cleansing my skin , toning and of course using a moisturizer . I used to use Organic surge night cream but i managed to spill most of it on the floor  , i know disaster ! so i quickly decided i best get a new cream but not getting it online as i needed it for the night time . I seen these on 3 for 2 so i just had to try it for £2.99. I have not looked back! its got a beautiful coconut smell and is a easy to apply with nice consistency and none greasy formula. I use this every night an so does my husband it has made a great improvement to our skins and its a lot softer , i would recommend it to everyone .

Now is the Barry M Kohl Pencils I adore eyeliners and dramatic eyes ! i have a quite a few in my collection and  i always come back to these as they are very affordable at £2.99 so its understandable you can have a few without making to much of dent in your purse. I love blending eyeliners and making a striking look and these kohl pencils just ease through every make up look i have tried . These will always be a firm favorite for me now and forever i think. :D

And finally from one of my favorite brands its the Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake I have always had a problem of making my eyebrows look natural , I have had everything from looking like i had drawn them on with a sharpie to  my goodness were are her eyebrows. Eyebrow cake is perfect when using an eyebrow brush to get that natural look and even if you dramatic eyebrows this will get it with ease and without the need to keep going over it or trying to tone it down either meaning its worth paying the £15.50 price tag its worth the splurge in my opinion.

What do you think of my June Favorites ? 

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Where do Vegans get their protein ?

Many people out there will be wondering .. Where do Vegans get their Protein?. The answer might shock you  but many peoples image of a vegan is someone who is slim and they is no possible way they could be muscly or healthy at all. 
Vegans like myself are just like everyone else we just eat differently , no one ever eat the same anyway do they ? everyone has a different view , for example someone might just eat raw and another could enjoy baking .
Now more then ever they is more and more Vegans from Boxers , athletes and celebrities . Only just recently David Hay became vegan along with even Samuel l Jackson giving the vegan diet praise !.

I Personally jog and walk a lot and being vegan has not stopped me doing what i want its helped me get healthier and get more fruit , vegetables and grains into my diet and believe me they taste so much better than what it was when i was vegetarian.

10 Sources of Vegan Protein
1. Vegetables : I know its hard to believe that vegetables have protein but they are packed not only with protein but other essential vitamins also ! Dark green vegetables tend to have more protein then others.
Examples - Kale 100g = 4.3g of Protein
                   Peas 100g = 5.9g of Protein
                        Broccoli 100g = 4.2g of Protein
2. Lentils : These are so versatile , you can make curry's , burgers and soups with these and they are packed with protein also with 9g of protein in 100g of boiled lentils.

3. Beans : Now we all love beans as they are so simple and can be used in a number of ways and of course everyone's favorite beans on toast. Beans are full of fibre too and its a good thing to have to fill you up
Examples : Baked Beans 100g = 6g of Protein
               Black Beans 100g  = 22g Protein
              Kidney Beans 100g = 9g Protein

4. Hemp Powder :  A simple way to get protein as it can be added to your morning breakfast and into your smoothies just 30g added into your smoothie can give you 11g of protein how easy and simple is that.

5. Nut Butters : Now these are one of my favorites !! Peanut , almond and cashew butter are a quick fix of protein with 2 teaspoons you get a nice 8g of protein!! I love adding mine to my biscuits and go nicely on crackers and rice cakes too.

6. Tofu : Most vegans best friend and it has to be tofu as its cheap and goes in just about any dish just to add that protein of 8g. Tofu can be bought plain in blocks , sliced and even smoked which has to be one of my personal favorites.

7.Whole Grain Rice : Another simple one to get into your diet has to be wholegrain rice ! Not only does it have loads of fibre its a basic for many vegans including myself ! 1 cup has 5g of protein.

8. Whole Grain Bread : Another staple that most people eat and with each slice containing 2.7g of protein its a very simple way to get protein.

9. Tempeh : One of the most protein rich products is Tempeh with 100g containing 19g of protein , Tempeh can be made into burgers and marinated to use in a vast variety of dishes.

10. Non dairy Milk : We have a vast variety of milks such as Almond , Soya , Coconut and hemp milk each have protein .
Examples : Soya 100g = 3g
               Hemp 100g = 7g

They is many other Protein rich things Vegans eat too but these are just a small example  to show how much protein potential we can get into out diets :D

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Friday, 13 June 2014

#TVK8 The Vegan Kind Subscription Box

Hi Lovelies ! I cannot believe this is my 5th The Vegan Kind box (£10 plus £2.95p&p) and i must admit its one of my favorite times of the month , When the post arrives its like a mini Christmas every month especially if you are vegan like myself or even if you just enjoy a little treat . The Vegan Kind is always filled with Vegan and Cruelty Free items from foods to cosmetics , you also get a recipe card  with a delicious recipe card and after 3 months you get a free ring binder to keep them together.

The first thing that caught my eye and made me really peckish was the Ten Acre 'The Story of when the Cheese met the Onion' Crisps (RRP £0.85)Which was eaten within 5 minutes by me and my husband as they were that delicious , I absolutely love cheese and onion crisps and its an absolute savior that these are a vegan option for me . The taste was very cheesy and had a slight touch of onion and one of the best things for me is that they don't leave an after taste in your mouth unlike most of cheese and onion crisps i have had before. I really love these crisps and they are handmade and they are gluten free and MSG free too i will be sure to get some more of these in the future.

The next thing that caught my eye was chocolate... InSpiral Raw Chocolatley Superfood Bites (RRP £1.39) I found these so amazing after i came back from a walk or felt a bit peckish these definatley are a pick me up and they are guilt free perfect for snacking . These have so many health benefits and its shocked me to be honest because this is chocolate we are talking about ! They are Organic , Raw , Gluten Free , Soya Free, Cholesterol Free , Trans Fat Free and here's the best part they are 100 % NATURAL !! These are great if you love chocolate but you want health benefits too.

Next up was the Peppy Galore Diva Toner Facial Spray (£4.95) As soon as i seen this i was very impatient and decided to use it straight away as its been a while since i have used a toner , As soon as i sprayed it you could smell the beautiful natural scent of rose water and my face felt beautifully cleansed after using this and did not irritate my sensitive skin unlike others i have tried before and i think that's all down to the ingredients being completely natural with no other chemicals added to it  . I am very happy with the Toner i now keep it in my handbag for a quick pick me up.

Another great item in the box was the Sativa Shakes Strawberry and Banana Protein Powder (RRP £2.99) I did not have this one but my husband had this after coming back from the gym as a protein boost , The shake blended amazingly well with almond milk and was very easy to drink as it was a beautiful taste of banana and strawberry. The fact it tasted more natural then other protein shakes on the market. My husband is happy that it contains plant protein and is completely natural and contain fibre to help digestion and is very keen to try these again in the future.

Last but definatley not least it is the Mr Organic Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (RRP £2.99) I must admit i am such a big pasta fan i was so excited to get this in the vegan kind box ! Its been to long since i have had pesto . Mr Organic pesto is perfect with pasta and goes amazing well with tofu and salad its the most yummy comfort food out there and i really wish they stocked this near me as it was so delicious . Mr Organic is Free from additives and unnecessary sugars and salt and has not been grown pesticides or harmful hormones and is traceable back to the farm .

Every month i love The Vegan Kind more and more as the variety is amazing and i love finding new products that are vegan and make me try even more foods then what i would usually try . I would definatley recommend them if you are vegan or vegetarian or even it you just want to try something different 

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Beauty Favorites

Before i start were has May gone ?! Jeez that was one fast month ! I feel this year is going to fast , i wish it would slow down a little bit ! May has been amazing month of beauty for me as i found so many favorites , it was quite hard just to pick 5 .
I have had the Soap & Glory Thick And Fast for a couple of months now , but this month i have used it so much its got brilliant staying power and lasts all day without the need for another application , its complimented so well with the Eyeko Eyeliner  as it is so easy to apply and you can easily get it to the eyeliner style you want for me i love vintage style like Marilyn Monroe.

Illamasqua have always been one of my favorites but this month i absolutely loved the Atomic - Lipstick ! Its a bright fuchsia violet and believe me this lipstick has such amazing staying power and lasted me 5 hours without the need to reapply during that time , its perfect for any season .

I have being looking after my skin so much now and i adore the Lush's Charity pot as i love to keep my hands moisturized and soft even though its not winter no more my hands get a bit dry , and using charity pot has kept my hands so beautifully soft and makes my hands smell floral , Keeping on the skincare its superdrugs Vitamin E Body Butter this is so amazing, i just bought it a couple weeks ago and i use it every day now as its got a beautiful scent and keeps my skin soft and lasts which is very important and its packed full of vitamins GORGEOUS !!

What's Your May Favorites ? 
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beginners Guide To Cruelty Free Cosmetics

cruelty free cosmetics

Most of us thought that our cosmetics we buy would automatically be cruelty free , seeing as the EU does not allow this practice , some companies do get there ingredients from countries on who actually test on animals and not all can guarantee  they don't test. It can even state on their websites they actually do test on animals even though they do try sugar coat it 9 times out of 10 , which can be very confusing to people buying there products.

 Confusing things to look out for 
I will give you two examples of how a companies can sugar coat there testing policy 
-Rimmel tell you on the bottom of there homepage that they are against animals testing ... but when you click on the link it tells you they are thinking of other alternatives 
another example is Bobbi Brown - they write this on their contact page 
We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.

Bobbi Brown is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply with applicable regulations in every country in which our products are sold.

So basically they still do but another sugar coat to try justify it . Its not just Rimmel and Bobbi brown who tell you this they is so many and you can find out more on PETA Here <<< who still test.
One more thing to look out for that can be confusing is if it says ORGANIC or NATURAL , it doesn't mean that it has not been tested unfortunately  

What to look out for 
One of the best ways to make sure its cruelty free is to look out for the leaping bunny on the back of a product such as the example below
~ Look for the Leaping Bunny 
~ Look for cruelty free options over on Go Cruelty Free
~ Double Check before buying , i know it sounds time consuming but it won't take you much longer and it will give you peace of mind - example to look out for Illamasqua's Policy

Hopefully not to long in the future we won't have to worry about what we buy and they will be a 100% cruelty free 

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

#TVK7 The Vegan Kind Monthly

I always look forward to the start of the month as i know it wont be to long before my The Vegan Kind box comes  , its one of those exciting times just like a mini Christmas every month. The Vegan Kind is a monthly lifestlye subscription box that sends you a variety of products for £10.00 a month with a postage cost of £2.95 your bound to find something new that you will love.
The first thing that caught my chocoholic eyes was the Scoff Fudge (RRP £3.95) Chocolate fudge , i love fudge and this is something that tastes truly amazing they just melt in you mount ,trust me they did not last long because they were to heavenly with me and my husband . Scoff fudge is handmade and are a nice treat to have every now and again.
The next item that caught my eye was the Bio D ( sample ) Laundry liquid . Seeing as i have 3 children and washing seems never ending i am very excited to use this seeing as its sustainable and derived from raw materials and of course it is cruelty free , unlike most washing items that are on the market today unfortunately another bonus is it is fragrance free and is suitable for sensitive skin.
The next thing i got out was the Hectares (RRP£1.00) Sweet potatoes crisps in piri flavour , i have never seen sweet potato crisps before , i have seen banana and apple and of course the white potato crisps but  i am pleasantly surprised to see these . Sweet potatoes are full of anti oxidants , high in dietary fiber contain vitamin A and C even beta - carotene .  So these are going to be shared tonight with my partner tonight guilt free of course :)
The next thing that looks divine is the Wholeplus Hotpot (£1.80) In vanilla spice , i love hearty and warming breakfast and this one is a mixture of whole oats , coconut milk powder with toppings of ground dates infused with seeds and nuts its so packed with nutrients its perfect for breakfast of even a midday snack . You can order yours today on there website and you can get 15% off till the end of June.
The next thing that caught this tea fans eye was the Dormouse loose tea (£1.60) This is loose tea in which you put loose tea into a tea bag which is so cute don't you think ? . They have gone back to the old tradition of drinking loose tea which is great . They have a fair few varieties on the website so why not check it out , as for me i am putting the kettle on :).
Last and no least is the Golden Apple Raw Biscuits ( RRP £3.95) In hazelnut and peppermint , These biscuits are organic and raw made from selected seed and spices dried at room temperature of 42ÂșC with no additives or preservatives and they are suitable for people who are diabetic , raw food eaters and people with impaired gluten . I am going to be trying these with some nuts .

I am pleased with everything in this months box and i would recommend them all !
Order yours by the end of the month to try the June box :)
The Vegan Kind

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Birchbox Bazaar

I have been so excited to receive my May Birchbox since i got an email to say it had been dispatched and I was not disappointed when it came  , I loved it when Birchbox collaborated with Lulu Guinness and the design and colour combo was truly beautiful , and the Birchbox Bazaar defiantly did not disappoint with its vibrant colours and design i was so excited to see what was inside.

The first thing that caught my eye was the UK's number one selling mascara  Benefit - they're Real (RRP£19.50) Its been a long while since i used benefit cosmetics , and i am looking forward to seeing the results from this , its in sample size so perfect for taking away in your handbag or travelling.
The second thing  that caught my eye was the beautiful nail polish Soigne (RRP £11) And this was packed so beautiful and looked like something your would get from selfridges , I got a nude colour called Creme au Beurre , i have never heard of this brand before but i am looking forward to giving this a go .
The third thing for me was the mini shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Protector  (RRP £14 each ) i love the design on the bottles and the fact that these are sulphate free makes them sound even more delightful , it says its will help strengthen  , protect and nourish your hair so i cannot wait to see the results
For me the forth one that stood out for me Aromatherapy Associates (RRP £39) shower gel and shower oil did not impress me to much until i actually opened it , the smell of pink grapefruit was very uplifting and i can see how it would make you feel super amazing in the morning, Will be trying this soon to see it the claim is true or not.
The Last thing but not the least was the Liz Earle Cleanse Polish (RRP From £13.95) even though i got his out last it was wrapped like a little present so i just wanted to save it till the end just to open, i have heard so much about liz earle products but have not had the chance to use them yet , so now i have the chance to try it and see what all the hype is about.
They is still a chance to get the May Birchbox on there website if your order before the 31st of march

  All in all i loved the box but the only problem for me is not knowing if the products are tested on animals or not and even if they are Vegan/Vegetarian so its  unfortunate i will have to be cancelling even though i have loved there boxes 

What is your favorite beauty box ? 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April Birchbox

April birchbox contents
Hey Guys and Dolls !
The Easter holidays have just flown by haven't they ? i totally didn't get a chance to tell you about my April Birchbox

I am addicted to beauty boxes now because of the surprise and the quality of the products you get , But most of all you have a chance  to try products for a good price without buying something full price and not being sure if you like it or not and at £10 plus £2.95 you cannot go wrong with the price and try something that you wouldn't normally try.

When the i opened the box the first thing that stuck out for me was the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes (RRP £4.99) It was time for me to take my make up off so i thought i would give these a go. The smell was amazing and very fresh smelling and they removed my make up very well without leaving my face patchy which was great the only problem for me was it left my face a little stingy afterwards but i would say that's down to me as my skin is very sensitive and i have rosache. These wipes contain anti inflammatory green tea to help to overall health of our skin and help repair damage and repair cells to our skin as well all know our skin goes through a lot from the cold weather and also air pollution. These wipes also contain the calming aloe Vera and are oil free and hypoallergenic.

I know its a bit naughty of me but the next thing that stuck out to me was the Propercorn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla (RRP £0.99) These are not as naughty as first thought as they were less then 50 calories !! they were sample bag sized but the bigger bag is still less then 120 calories and you can pick up a packet (or 2 ) from your local Waitrose. Propercorn are natural and most surprising is they are made the old fashioned way and are homemade. I loved the flavor of these as they were sweet but not to sweet you could taste the coconut and remained me of a healthier version of a bounty.

The next thing that my eyes couldn't look away from was the theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples (RRP £26.00) I absolutely adored the packaging for this as i love the vintage design on this and you will get a lovely surprise when you open this ... a cowboy hunk ! I got the pie which was a wonderful coral/peach colour i loved the texture and was very easy to blend on the lips and cheeks. For easier application just use a  lip liner brush or an lipstick brush , but i found it worked just as well working it onto the cheeks and lips with gentle dabs with your finger tips.

The next thing was the Campos de Ibiza Almond Body Milk (RRP£16.55) We all think of Ibiza as a party place and the lovely warm weather with beautiful beaches don't we ? Well guess whats lovelies that's all locked into this and it truly smells heavenly and just in time for the warmer weather too . The formula is a fast absorbing and is packed with rosewater ( o i love rose water its amazing ) to calm irritated and sensitive skin so perfect for me as my skin always needs a moisture boost but it needs to be something that's kind to my skin so the long lasting and antioxidants are truly brill!.

Now for one of my all time favorite things and it is nail polish and this is the Color Club Gala's Gem Collecition 7ml (RRP £15.00 ) I picked the Heirloom Pearl and its a Pearly white colour like what you would get in a oyster how pefect is that!. Look out for a post in future all about this nail polish in detail. These were inspired by the 70s and 80s luxe pearl finsh .

Last and not least is the Lord & Berry Couture Kohl Kajal Eye Penicl - Black (RRP £10.00) For me i am a bit wary of eyeliner pencils as i prefer using gel and liquid liners as its much easier for me to apply but this one was a very nice texture and not to drying , its perfect for simple eyeliner looks and can be used for daytime looks and even into the night . 

I am very pleased with my April box and i am impatiently waiting the arrival of the may box , I will likely keep using all the products in this box but i am still a big fan of the liquid liner rather then the eyeliner pencil

What Beauty Boxes do you get ? 

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