Thursday, 24 April 2014

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter - Sweet Tart

revlon colour burst lip butter

                                      revlon lip butter pink

revlon lip butters
Hi Lovelies !!
Are you a lipstick Junkie like me ? well the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter is something for you to try at £7.99 and a vast amount of colours you are bound to find the perfect shade for you.

I have seen the Revlon ColourBurst on a few beauty blogs and its tempted me for a few months now and i was really wondering is it worth the hype ?  So i decided to get it on a 3 for 2 offer in my local boots and after looking at the range of colours for a good 5 minutes i decided to get Sweet Tart.

Sweet Tart reminds me a lot of a sweet candy pink and it is very subtle in colour and not to intense the main thing for me is that it's amazingly moisturizing and helps keeps my lips soft even after it is taken off so i can definatley see why its called lip butter. It might not last as long as a few lipsticks but the moisture it gives you is a massive bonus and you can always take it with you in your handbag for top ups :)

Have you tried the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter ? 

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Barry M Nail Polish | Pink Glitter Superdrug 50th Birthday

Hi lovelies !
As we all know Superdrug are turning 50 this year and they are celebrating with a few products celebrating the occasion Barry M being one of them.
I recently went to my local superdrug and i noticed a few Barry M shades i loved but this stood out for me as its a very bright pink and has sparkles , we all know you cannot go wrong with sparkles ( apart from when we have to actually take the nail polish off).
Barry M 50th Birthday is a bargain price of (RRP) of £2.99 and at the moment in superdrug its 3 for 2 on there products so you might as well spoil yourself.
The formual is a hot pink with purple and light pink sparkles with a vareity of sizes so its like a disco effect on your nails so its brilliant as superdrugs birthday shade.
The application of this was quite simple and needed 2 applications and a topcoat and didn't take ages to dry which is a bonus , the only downside of this product like any other glitter polish is that it takes a good effort to actually to remove it apart from that its brilliant and its a total bargain.
Do you have the Barry M 50th Birthday Nail polish ?

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April Birchbox

April birchbox contents
Hey Guys and Dolls !
The Easter holidays have just flown by haven't they ? i totally didn't get a chance to tell you about my April Birchbox

I am addicted to beauty boxes now because of the surprise and the quality of the products you get , But most of all you have a chance  to try products for a good price without buying something full price and not being sure if you like it or not and at £10 plus £2.95 you cannot go wrong with the price and try something that you wouldn't normally try.

When the i opened the box the first thing that stuck out for me was the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes (RRP £4.99) It was time for me to take my make up off so i thought i would give these a go. The smell was amazing and very fresh smelling and they removed my make up very well without leaving my face patchy which was great the only problem for me was it left my face a little stingy afterwards but i would say that's down to me as my skin is very sensitive and i have rosache. These wipes contain anti inflammatory green tea to help to overall health of our skin and help repair damage and repair cells to our skin as well all know our skin goes through a lot from the cold weather and also air pollution. These wipes also contain the calming aloe Vera and are oil free and hypoallergenic.

I know its a bit naughty of me but the next thing that stuck out to me was the Propercorn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla (RRP £0.99) These are not as naughty as first thought as they were less then 50 calories !! they were sample bag sized but the bigger bag is still less then 120 calories and you can pick up a packet (or 2 ) from your local Waitrose. Propercorn are natural and most surprising is they are made the old fashioned way and are homemade. I loved the flavor of these as they were sweet but not to sweet you could taste the coconut and remained me of a healthier version of a bounty.

The next thing that my eyes couldn't look away from was the theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples (RRP £26.00) I absolutely adored the packaging for this as i love the vintage design on this and you will get a lovely surprise when you open this ... a cowboy hunk ! I got the pie which was a wonderful coral/peach colour i loved the texture and was very easy to blend on the lips and cheeks. For easier application just use a  lip liner brush or an lipstick brush , but i found it worked just as well working it onto the cheeks and lips with gentle dabs with your finger tips.

The next thing was the Campos de Ibiza Almond Body Milk (RRP£16.55) We all think of Ibiza as a party place and the lovely warm weather with beautiful beaches don't we ? Well guess whats lovelies that's all locked into this and it truly smells heavenly and just in time for the warmer weather too . The formula is a fast absorbing and is packed with rosewater ( o i love rose water its amazing ) to calm irritated and sensitive skin so perfect for me as my skin always needs a moisture boost but it needs to be something that's kind to my skin so the long lasting and antioxidants are truly brill!.

Now for one of my all time favorite things and it is nail polish and this is the Color Club Gala's Gem Collecition 7ml (RRP £15.00 ) I picked the Heirloom Pearl and its a Pearly white colour like what you would get in a oyster how pefect is that!. Look out for a post in future all about this nail polish in detail. These were inspired by the 70s and 80s luxe pearl finsh .

Last and not least is the Lord & Berry Couture Kohl Kajal Eye Penicl - Black (RRP £10.00) For me i am a bit wary of eyeliner pencils as i prefer using gel and liquid liners as its much easier for me to apply but this one was a very nice texture and not to drying , its perfect for simple eyeliner looks and can be used for daytime looks and even into the night . 

I am very pleased with my April box and i am impatiently waiting the arrival of the may box , I will likely keep using all the products in this box but i am still a big fan of the liquid liner rather then the eyeliner pencil

What Beauty Boxes do you get ? 

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Barry M - Gelly in Greenberry

barry m gel effect
barry m gelly
barry m greenberry gelly
Hi Lovelies !
hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and enjoying some chocolate , i sure am ! defiantly a couple of cheat days for me haha x

I Have always wanted to try gel nails but i thought was a little bit to expensive and would take a lot of time , time in which i don't have so this is were Barry M Gelly Comes in.

Barry M Gelly Range has a vast variety of colours and are very reasonably priced at £3.99 . But you can usually pick them up on 3 for 2 in Boots or Superdrug and if you have a loyalty card you will get points back and can get more nail polishes later so a win win situation.

The formula of this is really thick and it blends really well on the nail so you don't need loads but you do need 2 coats to make it more colourful. The outcome colour is very professional and it looks almost like you have been to the nail salon . I am very happy with the results and will be getting more colours from the range so keep an eye out in future for the posts.

Have you tried the Barry M Gelly Range ?

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

7 things to do over Easter

Happy Easter Everyone ! 
Hope you all enjoy your long weekend :)
My partner is doing 12 hour shifts till Monday so i have to make do haha x
So i was thinking of nice ideas to do over the weekend 
So i came up with 10 ideas for you lovelies 
1. Visit Family/Friends - A perfect time of year to visit people and enjoy other peoples company and of course to share some chocolate. If you cannot do that a phone call or Skype would be a great idea too.

2. Enjoy Chocolate :  I know its got a bit of calories but its nice to enjoy , go on its Easter , i sure am . 

3. Wear Pastel shades : Could be on your nails or part of your outfit ! pastels are perfect for the spring and look very refreshing.

4. A Long walk - a walk in the sunshine refreshes me and helps me to relax and enjoy nature and my family loves it too. You could even go out shopping ( any excuse eh ? )

 5. Have a BBQ - Always perfect for this time of year and can be a lot cheaper then going out to a restaurant and even better its closer to home.

6. Make Mocktails - I don't drink Alcohol but i do love mocktails when i go out and making them at home as well . My favorite is Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri.

7. Buy Spring Flowers - I am a massive gardening and flower fan , i have a history of gardeners in my family . Fresh flowers like daffodils and tulips are perfect to bring the freshness of spring into our homes.

What's your plans over the weekend ? 

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Wise Cat : OOTD

cat t shirt

purple midi skirt

cat outfit meow

Well meow everyone !
I am that crazy cat lady you seen on the TV who has an obsession with cats ! I have always found cats so adorably cute so when i seen this t shirt i thought of the perfect outfit.
So what am i wearing ? 
Cat T shirt - £12 TU.
 Bangles - £1 Primark but ASOS have something similar Here for £10.
 Midi Skirt - Primark £5 but you can pick one up on Ebay for about the same price.
Shoes - Iron Fist an old buy but can get something similar on Iron Fist.

So lets rejoice the warmer weather is here we can enjoy more of the clothes we couldn't wear so much in the winter the midi skirts are back and we can show our arms without being cold.

I must admit i am looking forward to using more coral make up and maybe even getting the flip flops out lets just hope the lovely weather stays!:)

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#TVK6 The Vegan Kind subscription box

Hi lovelies ! , I Have been getting the Vegan Kind box for a few months now and this one is my most recent one which of course is the April edition.

The first thing i seen in the box was the Rebel Kitchen Choco coconut milk (Rebel Kitchen, RRP £0.99)  I really must admit as soon as my daughter seen it she just had to have it and it was gone in 10 minutes flat lol !! she loved it  . These are awesome because they are not just suitable for Vegans and vegetarians but for people on a dairy free diet with absolutely no addictives and preservatives unlike most milkshakes you see in the shops that are full of sugar and no goodness at all. You can pick your own up at Rebel kitchen  where they have 3 flavours on offer , Banana milk, choco milk and orange choc milk. They are a mixture of coconut water and spring water .

The next thing i noticed was the Freya Luna Lip and Body balm (Love yourself naturally,10g,RRP£3.50) and i had to open it to have a little smell to see what the scent was like and it reminded me of gardening in my nana's garden ! such a beautiful and i must say natural scent , i was a touch worried about it leaving a funny taste on my lips but no, it was amazing and gave my lips a much need boost of moisture. Lavender is valuable for most skin as it helps promote the growth of new skin cells and also has a pronounced healing effect on sun burn , and helps skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Next thing on the list is the Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar (Creative Nature Foods ,38g , RRP £0.99) We all love a nice little snack and me, myself i do love a nimble and i must admit this was amazing i am a big fan of nuts and the flavors were brilliant and for something healthy, you cannot go wrong . This bar is packed with peanuts,seeds and hemp protein, 100% Natural , 100% Raw , Vegan , Vegetarian and is GMO free. That is not all, it is also dairy free, lactose free , wheat free and soya free.

Next in the box is the Landgarten Organic Dark Soya Snack (Landgarten £1.79 ) This is the thing that sprung out to me as i knew my husband would love these and i wasn't wrong he had these as a cheeky snack after coming back from the gym and he is looking forward to getting some more in the future . These are pumpkin seeds covered in dark Belgium chocolate which are 100% guilt free as these are rich in Magnesium and calcium which help to curb hunger pangs and they are suitable for vegans and vegitarians.

And next up in the box is the Organic Instant Miso on the goClear Spring, £1.29) I got sent an alternative to the sushi nori unfortunately but they sent me this as a replacement . I was a little disappointed but i did this as its a very healthy quick snack for in between meals and it tasted quite pleasant also . The health benefits of Miso as its a good source of B vitamins , Calcium and iron and is packed with protein and helps aid the immune system with the high antioxidants.

And last in the box is Coconut Sugar (coconom £3.25) I personally find that this did not go so well with tea but goes really well with coffee and things like porridge etc but everyone is different and you might love it :) Coconut sugar is a good sugar replacement as it has nutrients such as potassium , magnesium , zinc and iron with the essential  vitamin B complex and amino acids

What do you think of this months box ? have you tried any of these before ?

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Monday, 14 April 2014

China Glaze | Gothic Lolita

Hi guys and dolls , today on my nails is Gothic Lolita by one of my favorite brands of nail polish China Glaze ! for more reasons then one I'l give your a few why .
They have a unique formula containing china clay which helps to strengthens the nails and their  nail polish is free from DBP, Toluene and formaldehyde.
I choose a few China Glaze Polishes because i was very impressed with this one as the colour is very vibrant and also vibrant as if your have been to the salon and you can seriously see the difference from other brands.
I bought Gothic Lolita of Beauty Bay but unfortunately it is unavailable from there any more but i picked it up on there for  £4.48 and also got 10% off at the time also but if you really want this particular polish you can pick it up from Ebay or Nail polish direct Here! for an good price also of £4.95 plus free delivery.
The purple on this is a shimmery deep purple with an undertone of pink sparkles that are more visible during the daylight hours and of course the beautiful sunshine.
For me China Glaze lasts a lot longer if your apply 2 coats of nail polish and not forgetting your nails best friend base coat and topcoat for a longer lasting finish then you would without using these as they are more likely to chip
Do you like China Glaze Nail polishes ? 
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Week In Photos 3#

Hi Guy's and Doll's ! hope everyone has had a lovely week and weekend,
I am still in shock that the beautiful Peaches Geldof passed away such a shame for a young life and for her children R.I.P Peaches.
Also the schools and colleges have broke up for the Easter holidays , i am just planning ahead for things to do over the next 2 weeks :)

Lets see what i have been up to this past week.
1.The Vegan Kind #TVK6 Link - i have had about 4 of these boxes now and i can say i really enjoy getting them , you discoverer new foods and cruelty free beauty and household products review coming soon.

2.Flaunt Jewellery - Fuchsia fizz Link I entered a twitter competition for a statement necklace and to my surprise i actually won ! i was messaged and it got sent out so quickly by recorded post ! i adore this necklace and i will be showing you all in future post.

3. Visted my lovely mum and dad for the day :) was a brilliant day and had a great cup of coffee so you cannot go wrong.

4. Artdeco | Hydra lips - I finally did a review on the hydra lips , took me a while to finally use it and write a review for you lovely people Link

5. China Glaze - Gothic Lolita - I have done my nails a couple of times this week but i keep forgetting to take pictures for my blog but i finally did this time but still i need to put the post up for this but don't worry the post wont be to long away.

6. Healthier Lifestyle - I am trying to get healthier as i want to take part in the race for life and other marathons in the future and also for the reason i might just eat a little bit to much of cake and chocolate ... woops.

What have you been up too this week ? 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Artdeco | Hydra Lip Booster

Hi Guy's and Doll's , Been busy past few days that i have hardly had time to blog but hopefully i will be scheduling a few for the next few days for sure :).
I have had my Artdeco hydra lip booster for a couple of months now but i have only just got round to using it lately, i got this from the love me beauty box and you can see my review on it  Here
The brush is very easy for application and a little foes a long way and you can use it on its own or your can mix it up with lip liner or to give shine to your lipsticks , you can easily get your own from Debenham's Here with a choice of 6 colours and with a price of £11.50
What does Debenhams says
This Lip Gloss provides full, sensual lips with a trace of colour and wonderful shine. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres maintain the hydration level of the lips and 'cushion' little wrinkles from beneath. Marine Fillings Spheres evens out wrinkles and lines. Blue Seakale und Collageneer support the regeneration and improve the skins elasticity. The Hydra Lip Booster has an excellent wearing comfort and visible care for the lips.
My personal review for this is that it does actually hydrate the lips very beautifully but for me it did not last to long and it needs to be reapplied not to long after also. The colour is not barely noticeable too so unfortunately i don't think its something i would repurchase . The texture and smell were quite pleasant also so its just a shame it acts more like a lip balm then anything else.
I am still tempted to get other artdeco products i am looking forward to trying more in the not so distant future hopefully.
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